July 17, 2010

So, what have we learnt so far……?

The last 3 weeks have been HOT!! We peaked somewhere near 39-40’C.

Our Africa Health book says it takes 3 weeks to acclimatise to hot climates and we are still in Italy. We may write to Rough Guides and tell them that the rate of acclimatisation may more accurately be described as follows:

How Hot you Feel Index (HHFi) = T + T(X.t3) + 3(Rs) - V(Tfw)

T = Air Temperature (‘C)
X = Distance from Land Rover back door to fridge (Metres)
t = Time spent balanced over fridge whilst holding lid open because Nick put it in a poor location as advised prior to trip by everyone that knows where the fridge is located (Seconds)
Rs = Residual stress variable (No. Arguments that day)*
V = Volume of fizzy water that you can “easily” obtain from fridge (Litres)
Tfw = Temperature of said fizzy water obtained from fridge (‘C)

*Note: Not to be confused with ItYS, the coefficient of “I Told You So”

- Life in the Land Rover is very similar to life on a boat – not much space and everything has its place, if you err away from this simple rule life can become stressful – this can contribute to a high Rs with corresponding increases in the coefficient of “I Told You So”

- England still have an abysmal football team (but we knew that anyway)

- For all the negative neigh sayers before the World Cup – South Africa put on a great show! Bravo Zuid Afrika !!

- Nick picked Spain in the World Cup “On The Road Sweepstake” ;-) Hola Hola Gooooooooooooooooooooaaala!

- Italian camp sites do not appear to understand the concept of personal space – one minute you are on your own, next minute you have a big white camper van parked in front of you

- Italians will queue for a long time to acquire good ice cream, because it’s worth queuing for (this observation also applies to coffee).

- Accommodation costs have averaged £10 / day, food £5 / day and eating out £9 / day (the latter does include world cup related coffee, ice-cream & drinks). Note to self, “must resist ice-cream”

- The proximity of Vicki to water Vs electronic devices is to be monitored closely from now on. Several near misses that could have resulted in “drink entering the hard drive” have been mitigated by the implementation of the “Beverage Laptop Vicki Exclusion Zone” or BLVEZ

- Cold showers are now a daily occurrence and there is no shame in wearing a vest top (Nick has gone native) in this kind of weather – even if you do look like a tad white (correction – pink) compared to all the other bronzed men that frequent the beach.

- Small, tight (or worse still – baggy) Speedos are a BIG “no” when promenading on the beach, especially when combined with the classic “white sock / sandal” ensemble. Could someone please write a note to respective EU embassies informing them of the need to ditch the “Budgie Smugglers” ASAP.

Ciao from Italy, France & Spain here we come!

Nick & Vicki
Stonehenge to Cape Town 2010/11

We could have spent 3 months in Italy alone!

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July 5, 2010


Hello folks, we are now in rural Italy and enjoying a much slower pace of life.  Have stopped at a friends place in Umbria near Perugia and enjoying pasta and Italian wine.  We went to Venice and have enjoyed "trying" to speak Italian.  Some recent pics of the last few days are posted below:

Nick & Vicki
Stonehenge to Cape Town 2010/11

Italy has some wonderful sites to see

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