August 11, 2010

Smugglers Tracks, Lost & Not Found (Yet)

Hoal Hola!!  Well, we have hit Day 80 and done nearly 10,000 Kms. The last week has been spent in the wilds of Spain and Andorra, getting away from tarmac and on to more remote rocky, dusty tracks.

The landy has had a good work out on steep, single track roads, most of which are remote and above 6000 feet+. Many of them have been (still are) used as smugglers routes from Spain to France and Andorra. The scenery has been amazing and we have done quite a few wild camps – one of which was at a spooky (no longer used) ski resort.

We have also seen some pretty amazing wildlife, including a family of Wild Boar (that’s what happens when you decide to drive at 2am) and a group of Vultures, not sure what the technical term is for a grouping of vultures is.....Anyone??

The good thing about getting away from the crowds is you meet local people and sample real local food.

The diet has now changed from Expresso and Ice Cream, to Rioja and Chorizo. The landscape has also changed from the rocky coast of the Med to the high, arid Iberian plateau.

Since the “salt incident” Nick has also had to admit that he has lost his wedding ring! We think (well, he thinks) it may well be in the bowels of the Landy some where.

Time will tell, but we hope it will turn up (sorry Vicks!!) Meanwhile Nick has been dispatched to the local plumbing shop to buy a pipe olive until such time "he" can "find" the original.

Nick & Vicki
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We really enjoyed exploring the mountains

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Ollie said...

Hey Nick - I lost my wedding ring also, although on our shake down trip.

Don't worry, the swelling will go down soon - and the one good testicle managed to produce Meghan!

Dot said...

Not sure of the technical term but I would call vultures scavengers. They are so fast cleaning up a carcass!