August 1, 2010


Hi folks, well we are slowly creeping around the Med and have been enjoying some great sites and sounds and also some exotic cooking! 

The Camargue - Salt pans and Hippies

We were staying in the Camargue Region of France that is kind of like the Everglades in Florida. They grow rice and its famous for its salt pans, horses and bulls.  The main beach front is miles long and its free to camp and people live there all year, so if you don't mind nudists, hippys and travelers you are quids in.

We had been having a few issues with the fridge battery supply that meant we needed to use up some nice cured ham we had purchased.  Nick decided to cut up the ham and make a Spag Bol, with the "Bol" being made of tiny and not so tiny bits of the ham.  All seemed to be going well and so we made a "mega" amount of the Bol for the next few days. 

Perfect Spag Bol

Vicki did mention in passing that the meal might be a "bit" salty and the first batch we ate was not in want of any supplementary grains.  All was well.  However the next day we had another batch and the Bol had taken on a mild "sea water" taste.  OK with plenty of water and a bit of salt is good in a hot climate we thought (Nick noted that the Spag to Bol ratio on Vicki's plate had some how "dramatically" shifted in favour of the Spag) .  However, by the 3rd day, the Bol salt levels could only be described as having reached "danger" and could not be eaten.

To add salt to the wound (sorry about the salt theme) the Bol decided to leak out of its box and coupled to the smell of the nearby salt pans**, we decided that we had had enough of of our friend Sodium Chloride.  We pushed onwards to Spain but the whole incident brought back some "happy" memories of Nick's first (and last) gammon Xmas dinner....... the one where he "some how" forgot to boil the ham before putting it in the oven to roast ......  Matt & Jess we apologise again!

** BTW - the smell of a salt pan at 35'C is almost "retch inducing"

Nick & Vicki
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Southern France is a great place to explore

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