June 9, 2010

Highlights of UK Leg & IDPs

We are posting a few pics of our UK leg.  Nick commented that late May is perhaps the best time to visit Scotland as the midges are few in number and Spring has Sprung.  We went to Skye and Torriden and headed over to Aviemore and Edinburgh before heading to Lindisfarne, Bambury and Hadrians Wall.  We then headed South to pick up some paperwork and do a final pack before we headed off to Dover. 

BTW - for anyone who might be doing last minute paperwork, you can pick up your International Driving Permits (IDPs) at the Dover East AA Shop.  The guy there (Bill) is very helpful and issued us with both IDPs (we needed two each as we are going to Nigeria / Cameroon) IDPs cover two conventions and you need to check your route and the countries which have signed up to each one. 

In the end this turned out to be a good way to get them as it only took 10 minutes to issue them, fully stamped, there and then :-).  NOTE: the AA shop is not open on a Sunday and you have to buy them before 3pm.  Call ahead just to check !!!

Nick & Vicki
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