June 25, 2010

The first 30 days .......

Well, how 30 days can fly by so fast is just unbelievable, how did we fit in work during our 'normal' working lives???  I have decided that as Nick is in charge of the Statulator, I will post a summary every 30 days of what's here goes the first 30 day summary:

Countries visited - Scotland, England, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria & Italy
Miles travelled - 3436
Sunny days - 14
Coldest night - 2'C in the Dolomites, Italy
Highest Mountain Pass Travelled - 7327 feet
Most listened to music - 'Into the Wild' soundtrack by Eddie Vedder
Best showers - Loch Ken Holiday Park, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland (extremely clean and best showers I have had in the UK in the last 9 years.)
Most useful things - Radio to listen to World Cup football matches, spare keys to the landy & bungy cords.  Tent peg, BBQ Tongs & Duct tape to rescue locked in keys!
Least useful things - Factor 50 sunblock & Deet (a time will come for these!!!)

1) Not being able to see everybody before we left
2) Locking our keys in the landy twice (on day 1 and in Dover just before catching our ferry :-( Score on this Nick 1 Vs Vicki 1)
3) Nick accidentally bought alcohol free beer in Germany!!  Major slip up!!
4) Realising how unfit we are....  but we knew that already
5) Weather in Germany & Austria - great if you are a duck!!

1) Getting back into the landy after locking ourselves out :-)
2) Watching the opening match of the World Cup in Amsterdam
3) Visiting family & friends along our route (sometimes at very short notice so thank you to everybody for being so accommodating.)
4)Walking in the Dolomites 
5) Scotland in May - great time to visit

 1) We have used our first aid kit twice for minor injury/ailments
 2) I hid the treats away from Nick (Comment from Nick: "Ginger Nuts are 'joint' property and should not be hidden")
 3) The Kelly Kettle stinks when you use fuel that isn't dry enough
 4) Our Skin so Soft 'midge protector' solidified in the cold and hadn't yet thawed when we needed to use it the following day.....have to keep it in a warm place.
5) Smell of the "malt safe" in Talisker Distillery not to my liking (Nick was in his element)

Nick & Vicki
Stonehenge to Cape Town 2010/11

If you have the chance, visit Scotland and go to Skye

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