February 24, 2011

Day 278, "There are lions there sir"

Hi Folks,

Just a quick one as we have found WiFi in Swakopmund, Namibia.  We have been exploring the Skeleton Coast, North West deserts of Namibia and visited Etosha National Park.  Had a great time and saw lots of animals.

Now doing some work on the Land Rover and just fitted new rear shocks and springs - Dassie is getting some serious TLC before we venture back off-road.  We now own a 6 Ton bottle jack and Dassie is looking well "PIMPED".


All we need now to compliment the new suspension look is some loud gangster music and neon lights under the running boards...... ;-))

We also bumped into Austin Stevens - the famous snake guy from Namibia (as seen on TV) not to be confused with Steve Austin (The $6,000,000 Man)  He gets pretty close to very deadly snakes!

Talking of deadly animals - we camped at the gate of the Skeleton Coast - an amazing place to visit.  As the sun set Nick went off with his camera for a sun downer picture.


As he ventured out of the campsite (we were the only people there) the warden said - "Dont go any further, there are lions there sir" (pointing to the horizon seeing running Springbok).......  Nick asked, "Is the campsite safe then?", this was the dialogue that followed:

W: Yes, it has a fence........ but
N: But what?
W: We found lion footprints in there a few days back
N: How did they get in?
W: The fence is broken
N: [GULP] What should we do?
W: Go to bed before dark.
N: And in the morning?
W: Check the area before you get out of the tent
N: Thanks [walks back to Vicki]
N: Vicks, what's for dinner, oh, and do you fancy an early night.......?

Namibia - a wild wild place ;-)

Nick & Vicki
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